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The Legend of The Irish Jig

Updated: Jul 10

The Irish Jig is the closest Highland Dance to Irish Dancing with movements similar to the movements performed in Irish Dancing. The Irish Jig is also the only dance that isn't performed in Ghillies but is performed in Jig shoes. The Jig shoes consist of a heel that makes a 'clicking' noise when performing some of the jig movements to help with making the dance sound and look more strong and aggressive.

The Irish jig is an interpretation of an Irish person gesturing angrily and frowning. When the jig is danced by a girl it is to be danced by imitating a distressed wife scolding her husband because he’s been out drinking for hours. Another version describes an angry washerwoman that has found out that some boys have knocked over all of her clean washing onto the ground.

If it is danced by a boy it is to be danced by imitating an Irish man whose leather breeches have been shrunk by a careless washerwoman. The dancer has to wave a shillelagh and his fists in the air to represent how angry he was.

Remember when dancing the Irish Jig we want to see your best angry face when performing and remember to give your best scream at the end of the dance!

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