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The Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association will now be using or hiring official photographers who may wish to take photographs of dancers for a variety of reasons ranging from websites, archive records to press coverage of achievements as well as marketing / advertising.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we are required to seek the permission of dancers (18 years and over), parents, guardians and carers before holding and using such images.

Listed below are some of the types of uses the images that we may wish to take and use of yourself or your child during his / her participation in S.O.H.D.A. events and competitions.

  • Individual / group photographs at competitions, etc. for display on dance school websites or the S.O.H.D.A. website where names could be given in full.

  • General photographs of dancers competing at indoor and outdoor competitions for our archives and articles which could be published at sometime in the future or as a record of an era.

  • Photographs of achievements / S.O.H.D.A. events / Champions for websites where surnames could be given but initials only of the first names or full name with prior consent.

  • Press photos of awards ceremonies, individual achievers, S.O.H.D.A. events, Champions etc. which could appear with full names in local, national newspapers and websites.

  • Photo portraits by photographers to be offered for sale to parents as part of S.O.H.D.A. fund-raising activities.

  • General Advertising and sales marketing for the S.O.H.D.A., dance schools and competitions which could include posters, flyers, tickets, websites, press releases where no names will be mentioned unless specific permission is given to use a name.

Although the above is not an exhaustive list it does indicate the types of uses the images could be used for.

All photographs and images of children / adults taken will be used in accordance with the S.O.H.D.A. Photography Policy as stated in this form which also requires officials to exercise professional judgement regarding the suitability of images, storage and protection of images and their types of use now and in the future.

  • All official photographic images and there use will remain the copywrite of the Scottish Official Highland Dancing Association or the professional photographers.

  • Images submitted to the S.O.H.D.A will remain the property of the that person but the S.O.H.D.A retain the right to use submitted images until such time as a suitable replacement can be found.

  • Only official / authorised photographers will be allowed to take images at and during S.O.H.D.A. events, competitions and awards ceremonies. Photographs may be taken after the event, competition etc. has finished. The only exception to this rule would be outdoor / highland games as it is not possible to enforce this rule with so many tourists, general public, visitors and local and national press photographers in attendance at these events.

  • Children under the age of 18 years will not have their name used with an image unless a parent / guardian’s permission has been specifically given. Anyone 18 years of age and over can give permission.

  • Where a name may be required with an image, permission where possible will always be asked for in advance.

  • Images taken by authorised S.O.H.D.A. photographers will be to the best of our ability safely stored and disposed of when required, image rights and copyrights will not be sold on by members of the S.O.H.D.A. to any other organisations, websites or publications and will remain in use only for the express benefit of the S.O.H.D.A. organisation as a whole.

You may withdraw your consent for any future images to be taken and used, which must be made in writing to the members of the S.O.H.D.A. Top Table. Images that already had permission will remain in use by the S.O.H.D.A. until such time as a suitable replacement is available. Access to any of the photographs taken of dancers will be restricted to relevant persons i.e. webmaster, Marketing, Press Officer, professional photographer etc. Archive copies of images will be retained for future use and reference by the S.O.H.D.A.

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